Puget Sound Transfer Course Equivalency

The Transfer Equivalency search tool is a guide for prospective students to know how current, previous, or anticipated college courses may transfer to Puget Sound. Search by first selecting the U.S. state for your current or previous institution, and then selecting the institution from the dropdown menu.

Please see the Transfer Information section of our Academic Handbook for all policies related to transfer credit.

A few advisory notes:

  1. This tool reflects historical transfer data from students who have transferred in the past five years. If your coursework is older than that, from a school not listed here, or not listed under a school in our database, it may still be transferable, so long as it is from a regionally-accredited institution of higher education and liberal arts appropriate in topic/scope. We do not accept coursework designated as vocational or technical, remedial or retraining, focused on personal development, from professional disciplines not offered by the university, or that instructs in doctrine or ideology.

  2. Historical transfer data is not a guarantee that courses will transfer in the future, but rather is provided for general guidance. Official evaluations of transfer coursework are conducted for transfer applicants after admission to the university. Transfer coursework to be completed after matriculation at Puget Sound (e.g., summer classes) must be approved through the Registrar's Office.

  3. A maximum of 16.00 units of credit may transfer toward the 32.00 unit minimum required to earn a degree at Puget Sound. Six quarter hours or four semester hours transfer as one unit.

  4. Please review our Core Curriculum and Graduation Requirements. Sophomore transfer students (those bringing in less than 15.00 units of transfer credit) may complete up to four Core areas via transfer credit, while junior transfer students (15.00-16.00 units transferred) may complete up to five Core areas via transfer credit. Courses weighted at less than 0.67 units (4 quarter hours) cannot fulfill Core requirements. Regardless of transfer credit, the SSI2 and Connections Core areas must be completed in residence at Puget Sound.

  5. Online Coursework: Courses taken through distance learning do not apply to Core Requirements, and are only occasionally accepted by academic departments toward major requirements. Up to 4.00 units of online coursework may apply to the 32.00 unit minimum to earn a degree at Puget Sound.

  6. Course Syllabi: We recommend retaining all course syllabi and materials, as further review is sometimes needed when evaluating work for transfer, especially for courses to apply to major or minor requirements.

  7. Quarter System Coursework and Course Sequences: As Puget Sound operates on the semester system, course sequences here usually consist of two courses, as opposed to the three course sequences usually offered at quarter system institutions. We strongly recommend completing full year-long sequences at the transfer institution, instead of transferring in the middle of a sequence, especially for students pursuing majors in the natural sciences or mathematics.

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Your college will have more transferable coursework than shown in this search tool. The equivalencies shown here only reflect courses that students transferred from your college in the past five years. If your course is not listed here, it still might transfer when we review your transcript. We are reviewing new courses and updating our database every term. Please review the advisory notes above.

Core/Graduation Requirement Key

  • AR - Artistic Approaches Core
  • HM - Humanistic Approaches Core
  • MA - Mathematical Approaches Core
  • NS - Natural Scientific Approaches Core (requires hands-on laboratory component)
  • SL - Social Scientific Approaches Core
  • KN - Knowledge, Identity & Power (KNOW)

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